Auxiliary fans underground are one of the largest consumers of power, typically they are turned on and left running even when not required. The Fan Warden gives you full control when required and can be scheduled at any time.

  • Control 4 Aux fans or 4 pumps or any mix of them right from one box.

  • Out of the box they will communicate over LTE/WiFi or ethernet. Leaky feeder option available.

    • Support Modbus to talk with Scada/HMI, PLC or Ventilation software.
  • Clear the air after a blast. Can also be pointed to an AirWarden Mini if air quality falls below safe levels.

  • FiComm Suite available with auto network discovery, advanced push setup changes, control and setup.

  • Easy labeled electrical connections for Electricians, and a full schematic in each box.

  • User controlled Pulse timed start/stop relays (Form C 240V/10Amp) Digital Run input can be matched with any motor control circuit voltage.

  • Analogue inputs available to display each motor current draw (Can be used to calculate total power usage and run cost). Also 2 extra analogue input available for other inputs like sump level ect.

  • Built in historian displays run/stop times and current draw (up to three months data storage on device)

  • Available with a touch screen on front panel giving local control and run status.